Gimmick is a central american company acting as

promotional item distributor, with 16 years of

experience on the field. 

Empresa fundada en Guatemala con más de 16 años de experiencia, que actúa como distribuidora de artículos promocionales y regalos corporativos en Centroamérica y Sudamérica.


Be the main strategic partner of our customers.

We are passionate, innovative and strategic people

helping brands become bigger.




We are brand messengers.

We make sure the brand´s message speaks to

every person individually through a tangible,

creative product, so we can tell the story about

a brand and why has to be chosen.







Gimmick Company has won for two consecutive

years the award for the most original idea of IPPAG in

Hong Kong. IPPAG is one of the largest associations

of promotional products around the world.

Without a doubt, a central american pride!



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